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Home Remedies/Cure for Insomnia – Habitual Sleeplessness

Super Post Point Insomnia Sleeplessness


Home Remedies/Cure for Insomnia – Habitual Sleeplessness

Insomnia(habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep)

No sleep at all means insomnia. Getting no sleep or a short sleep are some signs of insomnia. This illness is most common in today’s busy and fast world. People mostly complaint about such issues but don’t consider it as a big problem which leads to a frustrating and disappointing life. People have become irresponsible in actually understanding that they are really confronting this ailment. This actually adds up to their frustration.

Reasons for Insomnia

A person who complaints about inadequate sleep or faces uncertainty in sleep times is prone to the illness. Such people face many common issues such as memory weakness, inability to concentrate on daily works, feeling frustrated, confused, behavioural changes, etc.

Reason for this illness lies in so many factors such as overwork, Uncertain Job Shifts, excessive job stress, non completion of sleep, or any emotional factors which had a great impact on the person. If a person has kept his anger or hatred for someone in his mind for so long then he might face this problem.

If a person has been caught in past thoughts, tension or worries more about the upcoming future,  finds it difficult to handle pressure from workside or home responsibilities, might call upon for this illness.

Remedies/Cure for Insomnia

Deficiency of Vitamin B is responsible for lack of natural sleep. So following are some suggestions and home remedies which can help cure insomnia to a great extent.

Fennel Seeds

You can add fennel seeds while preparing your tea. You can also add honey at the same time make it more effective.

Super Post Point Fennel Seeds



Take a cup of water and add 2 drops of honey to the same. Take this before sleep. Honey has some sedative effect and may help you in getting to bed more quickly.

Super Post Point Honey



Mix juice of Pumpkin and sesame oil in equal proportions. Apply the mixture on your head every night. Additionally you can also boil leaves of pumpkin tree and eat them for a good sleep.

Super Post Point Pumpkin



Yogurt is also a natural food for curing sleeplessness. Intake of ample amount of yogurt is good will cure your insomnia.

Super Post Point Yogurt


Exercise Regularly

Exercising regulary can actually help you out in almost every illness. The primary thing which we humans forget is regular exercise. However it should be noted that exercising just before sleep is not good for your health. There should be a gap of at least 3 hours in your exercise and sleep time.

Super Post Point Exercise

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Avoid This Things


In spite of the fact that liquor can influence you to feel sluggish and may really put you to rest, it has the downside of awakening you later on in the night with a cerebral pain, stomach ache, or full bladder. Furthermore, once liquor’s calming impact wears off, there’s a bounce back impact that really puts away your sleep.


Intake of excessive coffee has a downside since coffee stimulates your brain and can result in indefinite sleep habits. Limit you coffee intake to only 2 cups a day which can definitely help you avoid insomnia.

Avoid drinking or eating before going to bed

Drinking before going to bed can actually increase your bathroom visits. Having a late dinner can activate your digestive system and keep you up. It is recommended to eat your food 2-3 hours before going to bed.

Over Thinking

Sometimes overthinking or stressing about a problem can actually make your problem worse so it is advisable not to think about your problems before you sleep. This actually stretches your sleep time and also makes you nervous, which ultimately results in sleep disorder after a certain period of time.

Busy Uncertain Schedule

You can actually help yourself by correcting many of your daily habits. In today’s fast and modern world it is definite that a person will be busy but if you make a timetable for performing daily duties you might have a fixed time allocated for your much needed sleep.

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