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Home Remedies/Cure for Toothaches



Home Remedies/Cure for Toothaches

Teeth are one of the most important part of human body. Good looking and well placed teeth look really good but people often suffer from illnesses like toothache. Toothaches have been considered one of the most painful illness since it affects the person badly. It can significantly impact one’s sleep, eating and other daily activities.

Reasons for Toothache

Toothaches hurt you badly and it makes the person helpless. If the person is not given proper medical treatment it becomes obvious to remove the paining teeth. Wrong foods are often responsible for toothaches resulting in Teeth Worms.

Some common foods responsible for toothache are Ice Creams, Cold Drinks, Cake, Sweets, Chocolates, etc. Bacteria’s in our mouth breakdown sugar on tooth surface which results in production of acid. This acid dissolves hard tissues of the teeth resulting in tooth decay. Foods containing sugar are primary energy source of these bacteria and so it is advisable to avoid foods rich in sugar.

Maintaining oral hygiene is also an important factor in avoiding toothaches. Often people become lazy in cleanliness of teeth. People don’t gargle after they eat something. This results in formation of acid around teeth, resulting in teeth problems.

Remedies/Cure for Toothache

There are a number of home remedies available for toothache which can save your money and give you relief from that nasty pain. Some of the remedies listed below are worth trying for healthy teeth and removing teeth problems.


Onion has so many medicinal properties and hence it is one of the most important ingredients in preparation of home remedies. It is advisable to eat one onion a day which can actually help you stay away from teeth problems. If you eat and chew onion for around 3-4 minutes it will kill germs in your mouth. Particularly you can hold on a part of a onion near the teeth which is paining.

Onion For Teeth Problem

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Lemon has also been an important part of medicinal therapy (Home Remedies). It’s juice is beneficial for avoiding tooth decay, gaps between teeth, tooth pain, gum bleeding, etc.

Lemons For Teeth Problem



Garlic is an antibiotic possessing so many health benefits. Teeth problems like pain and teeth worms can be treated with garlic. Take 1-2 cloves of garlic and chew them with the paining teeth. The juice that comes out after chewing the garlic has to be kept on the paining teeth for a while. Additionally you can mix rock salt with cloves of garlic and place it on the paining teeth for relief.

Garlic For Teeth Problem



Asafoetida is beneficial in relief from tooth pains. Add Asafoetida in lemon juice and heat it. Dip a piece of cotton into the juice and place it on the paining teeth. Moreover Teeth pain will stop after some time.

Clove Oil

Clove oil has always been used in the treatment of acne, common cold, influenza, high blood pressure, digestive issues, etc. Additionally it is quite helpful in teeth problems. Clove Oil has Anti Germ properties. Apply clove oil on the paining teeth and it will give you relief from the pain.

Clove Oil For Teeth Problem



Mix pepper and salt and use it for brushing your teeth. This remedy, if performed regularly, will keep you away from teeth pains and bad breath. In addition, it will also help in bleeding gums. Place pepper and clove oil in mouth together for teeth pains.

Black Pepper For Teeth Problem



Crush ginger into pieces and add rock salt powder to it. Mix them together and keep it near the paining teeth. It will surely give you relief from the pain in some time.

Ginger For Teeth Problem



Neem has always been an important medicine  for teeth problems, used from ancient times. Brushing your teeth with neem leaves is also an important remedy for curing toothache. To conclude, Neem has  been a fundamental medicine in almost all illnesses.

Neem Leaves For Teeth Problem

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