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Home Remedies/Cure for Common Cold and Sore Throat

Common Cold


Home Remedies/Cure for Common Cold and Sore Throat

Common Cold

Common cold is quite common in people of all ages. Nose starts to flow and swelling of nose occurs. A person can experience Common cold in any season of the year but winter season is common for this illness. Common cold could stay for 3-10 days. A person may feel frustrated and disturbed due to this.

Common cold could also lead to coughing, sore throat, sneezing, fever and headache, etc. It is also an infectious disease which can spread through contact with the affected person. An average person will experience common cold 2-3 times a year. Usually winter season is more responsible for common cold as the temperatures decrease to a minimum level leading to cold environment.

Reasons for Common Cold

Sore throat is a primary sign of a person being affected by common cold. Even though this illness is majorly related to nose and throat, it affects other body parts as well. It leads to other major problems such as coughing, sore throat, sneezing, fever and headache, etc. Nose becomes red and it flows continuously.

Some kind of bacteria’s in the environment is responsible for common cold. A person is prone to this illness if his immune system is weak, continuous exposure to cold environment, deprival of sleep, mental disturbance, and sudden changes in the environment, dust particles, body fatigue and many other causes.

Children might be infected after contact with other affected children, non-cleaning of hands, playing in garden and getting exposed to waste particles. Children are easy targets of common cold and so their parents need to take disciplinary action to avoid this illness.

Remedies/Cure for Common Cold

There are a number of home remedies available for common cold which can save your money and give you relief from this illness. Some of the remedies listed below are worth trying for common cold and related problems.


Usage of garlic as a home remedy has been a very ancient method. Crush 3-4 garlic cloves and put them in 1 cup of water. Now heat the mixture for few minutes. Take down the cup and allow it to become mild. You can prepare and drink it once daily.

Garlic, due to its antibiotic properties, is useful in removing the nasal blockages. It helps in removing the cough and killing the germs. Drinking the mixture may also help in removal of toxic substances and will result in lowering the fever.

Common Cold



Lemon method has been a famous home remedy treatment. It cures all kinds of cold and fever. The ‘vitamin c’ in lemon boosts one’s immune power. Lemon is also helpful in removing toxic substances from the body.

Take a cup of mild water and add lemon juice and few drops of honey to it. Drink this lemon juice once or twice a day for quick recovery from common cold. Lemon also boosts the energy level of the body resulting in feeling of enthusiasm.

Lemons For Common Cold



Take few pieces of ginger and add them to a cup of water. Now heat the mixture and take out the water completely. Add half spoon of sugar to the water. Drink this twice daily for better recovery.

Ginger For Common Cold


Lady Finger

Dry cough and swelling of throat can be treated with lady finger. It has sticky substance which gives relief to paining throat and also helps in reducing the swelling of throat. Take around 100 grams of lady finger and mix it in 3 cups of water and heat it. Drink the juice after it becomes mild.

Lady Finger For Common Cold



Turmeric is also beneficial in common cold and swelling of throat. Add half spoon of turmeric powder to a cup of milk and heat it. Drink this twice daily to get relief from common cold. Additionally you can heat the turmeric and take the steam while it is heating. It will clean the nose and also remove the cough.

Turmeric For Common Cold


Salt Water Gargle

Mix some salt in water and gargle with this mixture daily. Additionally you can add turmeric to this to get a better effect.

Salt Water For Common Cold


Spiced Tea

Prepare an unusual tea by mixing basil leaves, ginger and black pepper. These 3 play an important role in removing common cold and cough. You can take the tea according to your daily routine for a great effect.

Ginger Tea For Common Cold



It has been useful in fighting against many dieases. Eating one gooseberry daily will help you in recovering from cough and cold.

Gooseberry For Common Cold

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Salt With Ginger

Take few pieces of ginger and add some salt to it. Now chew this pieces to get relief from cold, cough and sore throat.


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