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Avoid this things to remove negative energy from home

Remove Negative Energy


Avoid this things to remove negative energy from home

We can never question the possibility and existence of both positive and negative energies. Be it at your home or in our surroundings. They have always been there. But what would be the result if you find that your home is filled with negative energy or vibes in out of proportion? It may actually lead to so many problems or negative outcomes in your life. Positive and negative energies exist everywhere and so at our homes as well but we should always remember that there are some methods which can help us to remove negative energy from our home.

Here we will talk about removing negative energy by way of removing the things that are responsible for producing or strengthening this particular energy. Negative energy can certainly lead you to a disastrous and unhappy life. But have you thought at any point why this energy develops and stays in your home? The reason lies in the points covered in this post. Here we will discuss the things responsible for the existence of negative energy or vibes in your home. It is highly recommended to remove such things from your home as soon as possible in order to avoid any discrepancy in your life.

Broken Things (Responsible for Negative Energy)

Always avoid keeping broken things such as broken furniture, glass, photo frames, flower pots, vessels, etc. in your home. All these broken things attract negative energy in the house and so you should throw these things out of your home as soon as possible. View of broken things continuously in front of your eyes may also upset your mind leading to negativity.

Broken Things


Footwear inside Bedroom

Keeping footwear inside the bedroom or below your bed is also a negative energy booster. It also gives you a feeling of dirt and non-hygiene which may irritate your mind.

Shoes under Bed


Sinking Boat or Negative Photos

You should avoid keeping pictures or photos of a boat sinking  in water or other negative photos like crying people or crying eye. Additionally avoid pictures of darkness, angry people, lazy people, etc.

Boat in Storm


Pictures or Statues of Wild Animals or Birds

Avoid keeping pictures or photos of wild animals such as tiger, lion, wolf, bears, hyenas, etc. Birds such as vultures, eagle, crow, bat, etc. should be avoided.

Wild Animals


Cactus and other Thorny Plants

Keeping cactus and other thorny plants in the house may lead to bitterness in the nature of people living in the house. Bonsai trees, tamarind trees, dead plants, babul plant may lead to dispute at home. Cotton plants are considered inauspicious and so they should also be avoided.

Cactus Plant


Remove Dried Leaves from Home Plants

Leaves of the plants in your home may become dry after a time and hence they are considered as dead. This leaves should be removed from the plants and thrown out of the house as they may attract negative energy at home.

Dried Leaves


Fake plants and flowers

People often make use of artificial flowers or plants to decorate their homes but they don’t know the fact that these artificial things may destroy the atmosphere in the house, as believed by Vastu experts. They invite too much sunshine and unnecessary odor.

Artificial Flowers


Broken Idols or Statues of Gods

If a statue or idol of god or goddesses has broken then it should be taken out of the home. Those should be replaced by new ones but you should always avoid the broken ones as they may attract negative energy. It is believed that if the statue or photo frame of god is broken then the powers of god become weaker and so you should always replace them with the new ones.

Broken Statues


Flowing Water or Fountain

Water lovers love to decorate their homes with water fountains or water flow mechanisms. This should be avoided as it signifies the flowing nature of an object. Vastu experts believe that the flowing water resembles flow of money so whatever money comes in the house may flow out quickly.

Water Fountain


Photos or Statues of Demons Kept as Art

Some people love to decorate their homes with the photos or pictures of demons and giants but it is strongly not advisable. These pictures may change the behavior of the person to negative and the person might start keeping evil thoughts.

Demons Photos


Pigeon Nest

Pigeon nest in or near the surrounding of the home is not considered positive and may lead to instability in the house and may bring poverty. It is highly recommended to keep yourself aware about this and stop pigeons from doing so.

Pigeon Nest


Bee Hive

Apart from the fact that bees are dangerous and may harm you. It is also believed that Bee Hive may bring bad luck to you and has been considered negative.

Honey Bee


Spider Web

Spiders build their webs to catch their prey and make our homes dirty with the web all over the house or mostly at the top of the house. Spider webs are considered negative and you should always clean your house and stop developments of any such spider webs. Keeping your house clean attracts wealth and prosperity so you should always keep your house clean.

Spider Web


Dents in House

Dents on the walls of your house are not only bad looking but they also bring bad luck and poverty. You should always repair your house for any dents on the walls or elsewhere. It will also keep your mind refreshed.


Dents in Wall


Keeping Windows Closed

Windows are the entry points of fresh air and sunlight in your house and keeping them close may block direct sunlight and fresh air. Fresh air means a flow of ample oxygen in your home which is truly responsible for keeping a person positive. If there is less supply of oxygen a person may become negative and start developing negative thoughts and ideas. Sunlight is also a source of positive energy which will help you to remove negative energy from home.

Closed Windows


Leaking Taps

Leaking taps are common in all houses. People generally ignore them but this brings bad luck and people have to suffer financial loss. Flowing water has been resembled with money, according to Vastu experts. It is said that the drops of water wasted is actually a sign of your money being wasted or utilized unnecessarily. If there is a leaking tap in your home you should get it repaired by a plumber as soon as possible.

Leaking Taps


Unusable or out of battery wall clock

A non-active clock should not be kept in your home. If there is a possibility of clock becoming active after a repair you should get it done as soon as possible. If the battery in your home clock is exhausted you should think about replacing it with a new one. The reason behind this theory lies in the non-working of the clock. A non-working clock resembles a stop in your life or your daily work.

Wall Clock

Photo Credits – Pixabay

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