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Home Remedies/Cure for Earache


Home Remedies/Cure for Earache

Earache is a common disease experienced by many in day to day lives. Earache is mostly experienced by children. This is caused by ear infection. It can be seen in either one of the two ears or both ears.

Reasons and Symptoms

Itchiness in the ears, flow of bad odor liquid from ears are signs of earache. Children are mostly susceptible to earaches. Additionally, children can be affected by fever, vomiting, loose motions, etc. Water trapped in ear may also be responsible for ear pain. Chronic condition, allergies, altitude pressure are other reasons responsible for this.

Treatment at Home

While it is recommended to see a doctor in case of severe ear pain, however, mild pains can be treated at home with the remedies given below for good results. Particularly, this remedies are home made and are quite effective in dealing with ear pain problem.


Onions have been known to fight infection and reduce ear pain. Take an onion and heat it for 2 minutes. After taking it out allow it to cool down a bit and then squeeze it  and take the liquid from it. Apply the liquid drops to ear and let it be there for 10-15 minutes. This process can be done whenever necessary. It surely gives a sign of relief from the pain.



Marigold Plant

Marigold plant leaves can be of great use in healing from ear pain. Take some leaves of marigold and heat them. After they become mild take out some juice and apply 2-3 drops in your ears. Moreover, this method is to be performed as and when needed.




Use of Garlic in treatment of Earache has undoubtedly been very effective. Take 3 garlic cloves and heat them. Now add some salt to the heated cloves. Crush the mixed items and keep them inside a small cloth. Keep the cloth inside your ear for some time and you will get some relief. After following this for some days you will get relief from earache. Additionally, you can eat some 2-3 garlic cloves daily to get relief from the pain if that is possible for you.



Holy Basil Leaves

Holi basil leaves can be of great use to you if you are suffering from Earache constantly. Take some leaves and crush them so that the juice of the leaves can be taken out. Put 2-3 drops of this juice in your ears and let it be there for some time. It will help in reducing the ear pain.

Holy Basil



Take 1 tablespoon of sesame oil and 1 piece of clove and heat it. After the oil becomes mild  put 3-5 drops of the same in the paining ear. You can repeat this 2-3 times a day for better relief.

Cloves Earache


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